eLearning Infusion is the wonderings of learning and leading from Nick Rate who is currently the principal at Russell Street School in Palmerston North.

Prior to that Nick was the principal of Newbury and Oroua Downs schools after starting his principal career at Kumeroa-Hopelands School. Previously he worked in the role of an ICTPD/Blended eLearning PLD National Facilitator with CORE Education. He worked with, mentored and supported clusters of primary schools around New Zealand involved in the ICTPD programme from the Ministry of Education.

During 2008, Nick was also a Ministry of Education eFellow. He researched ePortfolios and how they contribute to assessment for learning, or formative practice, in the primary classroom.

Previously Nick has taught at every year level in the school right from the Year 0’s to the Year 8’s. His last teaching position was as the Deputy Principal at Russell Street School in Palmerston North, New Zealand where he taught in a Year 5/6 digital class and led elearning throughout the school. He has also taught overseas at Yokohama International School in the role of the Elementary ICT Facilitator and also lead the Russell Street School ICT Professional Development cluster in 13 schools throughout the Manawatu region.

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  1. Nick,
    I came across this YouTube video about technology ‘converging’ – rang a lot of bells with what you said about things becoming smaller and more mobile…


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