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I couldn’t hold off any longer and got myself an nice new 8GB 2nd generation iPod Touch. So far so good, in fact, one could say that we are very good friends already.

The online App Store has become my latest time waster as I have waded through the hundreds of apps available. Only one purchase so far, AirSharing, allowing you to transfer files wirelessly from your computer and view them on the iPod. Files such as all the iWork formats, MS Office, web archives and a huge range of audio and video files. Much easier than emailing the file to yourself.

Posting this from the WordPress app which makes blogging a breeze while on the go. Even if you are not connected you can save your post to the iPod and publish later when you are back online.

A lot more investigating and playing on this gadget to be had to really investigate how it is best used to support teaching and learning. I am sure it has a place!

5 thoughts on “iPod Touched

  1. Just out of interest, cos I have been looking at one since U learn, what would be your main reason for getting an ipod touch.? I am looking at one to act as a pda, as well as a mobile device for browsing, connecting etc. What do you think of it’s pda capabilities?

  2. Hi Pete,
    Thanks for the comment.
    I am using my Touch more as a PDA than a media player. The main reason for purchasing it was to have a small mobile web capable device to use on the go. The ability to search the web, access my google docs, email, blog etc is just great and it works seamlessly. I have also started using it to take notes using a couple of the free note taking apps. The only negative for me so far is that you can only record voice using Apple’s special earphones with mic @ $60 and playback on the TV/Projector is only possible through a special AV cable @ $75. Apart from those two issues it is more than meeting my expectations, in fact it is proving more versatile than I anticipated. Additionally if you want to spend more money and get more functionality, the App store is full of great apps to suit any purpose as well as the multitude of freebies. And at only $390, how could you not get one…
    Hope that helps.

  3. Fantastic feedback, thanks Nick. It looks like your usage is exactly what I’m wanting to do. I also want to keep ahead of my students as pretty soon they will have then and if they do, I want them to bring them in as mobile learning device.

    So you have not bought the headphones…I think I will be sorely tempted. Voice recording would be a huge plus!

    Keep me posted on any other good apps you find…that apps store is a treasure chest…particularly for pda, m-learning type stuff.

    Hopefully I will be making a wee purchase soon!


  4. Made my purchase…couldn’t wait for an 8gb so had to make do with a 16gb. Yes this thing has exceeded my expectations also. Wow, I am the most organised I have been for ages and love the syncing to calendar and mail wherever I walk around school.

    Thanks for the advice.


  5. Hi Nick
    I have an iPod Touch and an iPhone. The iPhone I use for recording voice and for tuning my guitar! My iPhone almosts takes over from my laptop with all the ‘PDA’ functions. I use the iPhone more when I’m out in schools as I am not always able to get on their wireless networks with a ‘Touch’, but the 3G on the phone works well. I am discovering more and more apps that I use on both the ‘touch’ and the phone for organisation of my own life and for educational purposes. Application in educational use is endless and children love to get their hands on them! Here are some sites http://delicious.com/sharpjacqui/iTouch I have found on the iPhone and ‘Touch’ that are useful. The voice recorder thing has been discussed a lot so I would imagine it could be something that maybe included in future upgrades of the ‘touch’. After writing this I am now inspired to write a blog entry on all the possibilities I can think to use both of them in Education! Maybe we should start a wiki that others can add to?
    Cheers, Jacqui

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