eFellow Research Report

My eFellowship research report is ready to go.

The research investigates the formative benefits of eportfolios using two case studies of primary school classes as they implement an online eportfolio solution. Observations and interviews with students and teachers and the eportfolios are used to compare the outcomes with the underlying characteristics of formative assessment thus answering the question, what are the formative benefits of eportfolios?

I hope you find it useful!

ePortfolios and Assessment for Learning by Nick Rate

5 thoughts on “eFellow Research Report

  1. Hi Nick

    Great reading! Thanks for sharing this with us all. You have given many of us a springboard to jump off from as we endeavor to get eportfolios up and running.

    I look forward to chatting further with you about your research in the new year.

    Until then, enjoy your break mate.

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