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Since switching over our domain to Google Apps Education Edition in March of this year, the transition has been very smooth. Gmail and Chat provide seamless day to day communication and while the only PD has focused on Gmail, Docs is taking off on its own accord as staff see the benefits and ease at which they can share documents for a more collaborative approach to school admin and planning. For example, the notion of one staff member being solely in charge of the duty roster is gone as the ownership of this is shared and staff can edit and negotiate independently. Can’t wait to see how the next step of rolling out school wide use of Calendars is received.

However another bonus of the App package is having our very own Google Video site. At this stage the Education Edition allows for us to have 10GB of storage for videos. While that does not sound like heaps, the average size of our students’ podcasts or short movies is between 2-3MB once exported, so that’s about 3300 videos we can store, for free. Not only free, but in a completely secure, safe and add free environment.

For our portfolios we have been using Teacher Tube to host and store our video content which has been proving reasonably successful. I have blogged about this before here. But TeacherTube has just completely revamped their site and now includes storage for photos, audio and documents. While this is a good improvement, the site revamp changed all the embed codes for the video content in my students’ portfolios. Grrrrrrrr. Should I just accept this as the changing nature of Web 2.0 environments? Grrrrrr. Regardless, after this happened, TeacherTube ceased to be my preferred option. The good news is that Google rolled out their Video hosting service to their Apps Education Edition.

So what are the other features, pretty much the usual video storage stuff…

  • You can upload all native Apple video formats such as .mov and .m4v
  • You can embed into your blog or wiki
  • You can restrict which users within your domain can upload video content. Google specify that it should only be staff
  • Your domain admins can edit/delete any uploaded video
  • Videos can be shared with individuals, with groups, anyone within or out of your domain with just viewing rights or collaborative privileges, just like a Google doc.

So does it work well? Sure does. Here’s an example thanks to my new entrant students from 9 years ago!

5 thoughts on “Google Video for Education”

  1. Are you the lone point person for uploading and managing Google Video for your domain?

  2. @Kyle
    All staff have been given the ability to upload video. All users in our domain can view content, depending on the settings of the individual upload. We have 3 admins for our domain.

  3. As a now proud Google App user and supporter, I look forward to seeing how this next edition (Google Video) enhances the learning potential at our school. As you mentioned the benefits of using the Google Apps continues to grow as we see and discover a host of new possibilities for incorporating them into our everyday life/work. I personally can’t wait for the Duty Roster to be managed by all!

  4. Hi Nick,
    Just wanted to say thanks for your talk last night. Having seen your class in action, and seen how much in control of their own learning they were, your e-portfolio ideas made a lot of sense. And I think what most impressed me about your talk was the way you controlled the technology, not the other way around, ie you have tailored it to serve your philosophy of how learning should be.
    I see what you mean about videos in your own Google domain though- I couldn’t view the video.

    I was supposedly using today to do my Massey assignment. But it has turned out to be such a gorgeous day after the frost that I am heading out for a walk!

  5. I notice that your video is not showing up on this thread; it is requiring me to login to your domain to see it. I’m finding that to be a problem with Google Video in the Education Edition, I’d like to be able to control whether the video is viewed by the general public or inside our domain. Have you found a way around this limitation?

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