Playing with TiltViewer

Thanks to Frank who blogged about this funky little tool for creating photo galleries on your own website.

TiltViewer is a free, customizable 3D Flash image viewing application. A simple upload to your website and a quick configuration of your Flickr username and tags and you are all set to go.

Feel free to have a play on my gallery right here.

  • Click images to zoom-in, click again to zoom-out.
  • Move mouse to pan and tilt in 3D
  • Click the ‘reload’ button (below the image grid) to load a new set of images.
  • Click the ‘flip’ button (bottom-right of a zoomed-in image) to see image details.

Best of all is a right click to select fullscreen mode. Cool.

I feel a TiltViewer gallery coming to our school site very soon.

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