Finally an iPhone

The good news for me is that I now have an iPhone, a lovely new 16GB 3Gs. As part of a research initiative, my colleagues and I at CORE were invited to submit a proposal for an iPhone or Android.

“…the submission needs to include the reasons why you want an iPhone, the things you hope to achieve in work, and teaching and learning. You also need to confirm your willingness to make the minimum 6 blog posts over the next 6 months, along with any potential ULearn presentations…”

Here is my successful proposal. If you view it I suggest you do so with the sound off as it was late at night when I recorded the audio and it is a bit monotonous!

Now I can fully explore the place an iPhone may have in terms of the ongoing accumulation of thoughts, learning and reflection in an mPortfolio after posting about the possibilities several times previously..

4 thoughts on “Finally an iPhone”

  1. Nick I loved your little video – how could they decline your application?! They had to say ‘yes’! 🙂

    So my queation is how did you make the clip?

  2. Very impressive proposal, Nick. I particularly liked the graphics/cartoon, very clever! That aside, your proposal was convincing and easy to understand, no wonder they gave you an iPhone. Well done.

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