ePortfolio workshop title required

New eportfolio workshop in the works, can’t decide on a title. Two options on the board at the moment shown below. Which do you prefer, if any?!

Option 1:

Workshop A

Option 2:

Workshop B

4 thoughts on “ePortfolio workshop title required”

  1. Ambivalent- what r u actually going to be talking about-

    a. Whether e-portfolios are worth doing at all?????


    b. A mish mash of portfolio platforms??????


  2. Hi Nick. I like the first one better. But, if it’s related to your last question in the previous post, then I think maybe the 2nd one makes more sense. Actually, now that I think about it, don’t you always need some kind of container? like Edublogs, Google site, KnowledgeNet(!) or whatever? I’d want to know that whatever container I chose wasn’t so proprietory that it prevented me from stuffing anything I wanted into it (videos, slideshows, etc from where-ever I wanted to keep them), or at the very least that it allowed for my structured content to be easily exported or saved from the container to somewhere else, if/when a better container came along.

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