Research plan on Wordle

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Wordle has been blogged about on almost every educational technology/elearning blog site you can think of. I wont go into describing what it is and how it works because that has already been done. Go ... Read More


Posted on is a Internet searching tool based on changing the size of your key words to show how important they are. As you type in each key word, you give it a size to show its relative importan... Read More

AtoL – Assess to Learn

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The Assess to Learn Professional Development Project (AtoL) is designed to provide in-depth professional learning to teachers and leaders in the principles of assessment for learning. A publication, N... Read More


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The new upgraded Delicious web site service is here. To be honest, the new web interface, although it a great improvement, does not really interest me that much as I use the Firefox add-on for 99% of ... Read More

Jing – A screencasting tool

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If you are a teacher or regularly run workshops for other teachers in using new technologies and software, you can be sure that you have spent hours putting together how-to sheets or screencasts using... Read More