SiSoMo – Sight, Sound and Motion

One of the basic reasons behind making the transition from paper based to digital portfolios is in how the digital medium can more authentically demonstrate learning. As our students increasingly plan, create and demonstrate learning and new understandings through digital means such as podcasts, digital music compositions or multimedia presentations, how can this be captured through paper? How can the the multi sensory learning that utilizes sight, sound and motion be captured in a book or folder? The reality is that it cannot.

If the process and product of learning is more increasingly constructed digitally then it needs to be shared digitally. What would show you more about a student’s learning – a still image of them bowling a cricket ball and then a written comment, or a video of them running in and bowling with a reflective comment captured on video too? What of the student who has just filmed and edited their own short film? Should we get them to describe this alongside a still image or should we upload the film to our digital portfolio so that friends, family and teachers can view and comment on it? Using the power of sight, sound and motion makes digital portfolios more real and meaningful when presenting as well as engaging students in their learning.

Want to know more about SiSoMo? Five planners from the Saatchi & Saatchi network discuss how sisomo’d people are today. Check out this clip.

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