Edublogs – the perfect ePortfolio solution?

Edublogs has always been a fantastic service for educational blogging by both students and teachers. The service utilises the same WordPress MU software that this site uses to present student’s learning and facilitate reflection and feedback.

Edublogs have recently upgraded and now include a number of new services including domain name hosting so that you can now have your domain name i.e. point directly to your Edublogs blog (instead of the usual This opens up a number of new hosting possibilities for you or your school and lets you secure your online identity through Edublogs.

If you are looking at investigating or setting up eportfolios then you really need to look no further than

Edublogs Campus. This service allows you to create a secure portal for all of your eportfolio requirements and even your school’s website using WordPress MU.

Features include:

  1. Create, manage and control all your blogs
  2. Run your site at your own domain, with your own look and feel
  3. Enjoy private, safe and secure blogging
  4. Simply embed videos, podcasts, slideshows and more
  5. Over 90 highly customizable themes to choose from
  6. Import from other blogging sites, or export back to them
  7. Great tutorials, personal assistance and a thriving community
  8. Unlimited bandwidth, storage, upgrades and support

Awesome. A great service that takes the technical know how and worry away from you so you can get down to facilitating learning and with unlimited storage and bandwidth, you can truly archive student learning from the time they enter school until… well, who knows!

There is a cost involved for the Campus service but if you are serious about eportfolios and want to provide an environment that incorporates all the possible features necessary to promote learning and reflection, I would think it is money well spent.

Why don’t you have a look or at least sign-up for your very own free Edublogs blog.

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