ePortfolios 2009: Models of Change

Trying to visualise where we are and where we want to be with our eportfolios.

The current eportfolio model in operation, using self-hosted WordPress MU installation:

Students and teachers have access to the eportfolio which stores all of the uploaded learning content, reflection and feedback. Parents and other stakeholders have access through the student sharing their password to leave comments and provide feedback. The public have no access.

The proposed eportfolio model for 2009 and beyond, using a free or very low cost educational blogging platform:

Opening up the eportfolio so that most content is not behind a password. Multimedia content is embedded from various Web 2.0 sites rather than being uploaded within eportfolio. Students and teachers have access to all content in the eportfolio and other stakeholders can either use the student’s password or become a registered user to view all content. The public would not be able to access private content. Teachers and family members can subscribe to the RSS feed.

Other notes:

  1. Students would use a pseudonym, not their real names i.e. http://redcat22.edublogs.org rather than http://nickrate.edublogs.org
  2. Both the teacher and student can administer the blog
  3. All comments would be moderated by the teacher
  4. Blog privacy settings will block search engines
  5. All other school procedures regarding cyber-safety and Internet use would be maintained

Just some quick thoughts designed to facilitate discussion within our school but they may be helpful for others…


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