Forget the 4R’s…

© 2010, J, McKenzie, all rights reserved.

Now we have the 13 I’s for the 21st Century competencies in the latest from Jamie McKenzie in the January edition of FNO.

Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic & Reasoning

“It [the 4Rs] was a user friendly way to focus on the basics. With all the talk now of 21st Century Skills, we need a model that is equally user friendly – just the right number of prime thinking competencies to fit on a handy bookmark or poster to remind all teachers and students about core values. My bookmark offers thirteen competencies, all beginning with the letter “I” – a Baker’s Dozen”

Jamie Mackenzie has published many articles in educational technology. If you do not already subscribe to FNO, maybe you should consider it.

Bookmark and quote © 2010, J. McKenzie 2010, all rights reserved. Schools may make copies of bookmark for use with students at no cost. Any other group must write for permission.

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