NZ Educational Blog Stats

Should I be excited or depressed?

I noticed a new incoming link to my blog this week which comes from the Halfdone NZ Blog Stats.

This site is listed there as the 389th most popular blog in NZ. Which equates to the 12th most popular education blog.

I hear you ask, what about widely read blogs such as Derek’s Blog and others? Well to qualify for these stats, amongst other things,  your blog needs to be listed in Alexa or Technorati and you can’t be paid to complete it. Not sure if it is part of Derek’s JD or not…

More info on how these ratings are compiled are here and if you think your blog should be, let the post author know, politely.

Here are your top educational blogs, including three that have not been updated in a while but still must be pretty popular.

133: Leading and Learning

177: Artichoke

190: PPTA

245: Hey Milly!

250: Manaikalani

265: ICT U Can

297: The Educated Kiwi *

312: ICT in Early Education*

325: Toni Twiss Mobilising Education *

341: SLAB

379: Dragonsinger

389: Elearning Infusion

393: Subversive ICT

* = noted as a ‘defunct’ blog

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