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ULearn08 Workshop – iWeb ePortfolio PMI

Another ULearn08 Assessment for Learning and ePortfolios workshop activity involved workshop attendees completing a quick PMI of our old ePortfolios created in iWeb.

I have used Wordle to share the results.

The plus. Nice to see students and parents up there as coming to the front of the positives, as well as a variety of learning examples.

The minus. This sums it up really: time comsuming, issues over access to computers and eportfolios for updating, and access to published eportfolios for feedback.

The interesting. Not really highlighting anything, without an attached explanation.

It is always good to get an outside view of what is happening. Often we are so use to something that we don’t see the downside. Although wordle is not the most accurate analysis, it does provide a snapshot of ideas.

In this case it was great to see a lot of consistency between these ideas and our own reflective process after using iWeb as our ePortfolio tool.

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ULearn08 Workshop Data

In my ULearn08 workshop, Assessment for Learning and ePortfolios, I had the attendees complete a couple of questionnaires to get a better picture of where they were at with their eportfolio development. Made in Google Docs, these forms are super easy to make and share.

Interesting as a snapshot or cross-section of the conference goers.

And in answer to the question: What is the one thing that you would like to know of take away from this workshop? here is a sample of the ideas and questions posted.

  1. To be able to implement e-portfolios within my school
  2. Ideas for the setting up of eportfolios
  3. Practical examples for implementing, management strategies, PD requirements
  4. Software available to create e-portfolios.
  5. Examples of e-portfolios.
  6. Interactivity from school to home. Ability for students to be able to access and edit work from home in a safe and secure way.
  7. Examples of others eportfolios
  8. Some ideas for starting along the eportfolio track
  9. The most appropriate software to support e-portfolios,
  10. The possibility and options for ePortfolio for our school, or even just pioneering in my class.
  11. How eportfolios are managed and shared with parents & whanau
  12. How to manage ePortfolios with Junior 0 – 2 students so that they are authentic, student-centered, but manageable for teachers
  13. How to keep the portfolios as an assessment tool eg feed forward comments etc, use of rubrics for work
  14. Successful stories of using them
  15. Mistakes you have made that we by knowing about will not make
  16. What are e-portfolios and how/why should our school implement them?
  17. The value of e portfolios as a tool for assessment and improving outcomes
  18. Ideas of how you have set these up (what is included) and how you have allowed access to staff, student and parent access

It is really interesting to see so many of the questions that our school had also asked as we began our initial exploration into ePortfolios. Unfortunately, there is no one solution fits all.

I really enjoyed the workshop and a big thank you goes to those that attended for your participation in these questionnaires.

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uLearn08 Workshop Presentation

Here is an abridged version of my uLearn 08 workshop presentation, minus any audio or video content, activities, links and of course the all important commentary. If I have time, a slidecast version will be added in the future.

Any feedback would be welcome either here or on SlideShare.

Ulearn08: AFL & ePortfolios

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: 2.0 web)

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The portable touch

Having just made my breakout selections for uLearn 08, I was pleased to see 3 sessions dedicated to the use of mobile phones and other portable technologies.

I am particularly interested in this breakout: Using the I-Pod touch to instantly inform parents of their child’s learning… by Paul Wright.

I see a huge potential in how mobile technologies can contribute to this area and it relates closely to some of the core beliefs I have about ePortfolios. The ability to share, for the purpose of receiving relevant and constructive feedback to improve learning, can only really happen if the learning is shared or made available almost immediately.

The web can make his happen. A blog post with embedded media takes minutes and then it’s there, ready to share. But a web based portfolio does not necessarily mean that parents will view it and share in the learning. And if they do, will they leave a comment? Will they view the learning with their child?

The physical presence of a portable device, like an iPod touch, could significantly change this. A child bringing home an iPod containing their learning gives an opportunity for sharing, not dependent on a broadband connection, taking only on a few minutes of time with mum or dad. Feedback is instant. Praise here and a suggestion here. Done.

If I think of a typical Year 3 child that takes home a reader to read with mum or dad. Why not slip an iPod Touch into the reading folder too and share some learning?

I look forward to this breakout to see how successful the pilot programme has been.

Photo courtesy of: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nirak/

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