ePortfolios at Learning@School Conference

If you are interested in ePortfolios then the annual Learning@School conference in Rotorua should suit you well.

There are 11 breakouts that have a major focus or have reference to the use of eportfolios:

  1. Earlybird: ePortfolio’s made easy! Brendon Muir
  2. Earlybird: Dancing on the Same Page. Chrissie Butler
  3. Breakout 1: e-Portfolios: A Case Study. Belinda Johnston
  4. Breakout 3: ePortfolios 101. Nick Rate
  5. Breakout 3: The Three aspects of an effective School Website that increase 21st Century Pedagogy. Tim Berends
  6. Breakout 4: ePortfolios – A Showcase of Practice. Nick Rate
  7. Breakout 4: Powerful Learning Journeys – Using Digital Story Telling within an ePortfolio to show the learning process. Ian Fox & Lenva Shearing
  8. Breakout 5: Room 17 Voices: Eportfolios and the Online Classroom. Erin Freeman
  9. Breakout 5: The LMS Gateway to learning and Assessment. Mark Treadwell
  10. Breakout 5: The Open Source School. Mark Osbourne
  11. Breakout 6: Laying the Groundwork: producing a realistic and relevant strategy for online learning. Stuart Armistead

Doing a bit of self promotion, I am really excited about the ePortfolios – A Showcase of Practice breakout. I have managed to bring together 5 current practitioners of eportfolios who will be sharing their experiences, beliefs and examples of implementing eportfolios in their schools. They are:

  1. Deb Cowan. Director of eLearning & Teacher, Russell St School, Palmerston North.Chrissie Butler
  2. Ministry of Research, Science and Technology Teacher Fellow 2010, and former BLENNZ (Blind and Low Vision Education Network NZ) cluster facilitator.
  3. Sharron Eagle. Teacher, Rotorua Girls High School Childcare Trust.
  4. Belinda Johnston. Facilitator/Director, EastNet ICTPD Cluster, Elm Park School
  5. Jamin Lietz. ICT Lead Teacher, Bethlehem College, Tauranga

You guys are awesome! Thanks for agreeing to share your experiences!

The aim was to represent a cross section of schools, tools and beliefs. Unfortunatley, was not able to get a high school represented but am aiming to repeat this breakout or one very similar at ULearn10 so here is a call out to a high school who would be willing to show and tell! All suggestions welcome.

#ePortfolios #LS #LearningSchool

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